Are there other groups like this one?

Yes, there are 100s of groups across the country, all operating independently, often under the name 100 Women Who Care.

Why do I have to register?

For practical reasons. We have to find a meeting space to accommodate the group. If we don't have 100 women registered, we will try to fill the gap. And, if we have 150 registered (hope, hope, hope) we'll need to provide extra seats. We also want you to understand your commitment as a member.

Can I bring a friend to the meeting?

Absolutely. If you know someone who might be interested, please bring her along to the meeting. New members will be critical to our group's success, so please feel free to share what we're up to with friends and family. Keep in mind that only registered members can vote so a visitor would not be able to vote.

What happens if I go a few times and find this is not for me?

All we ask is that you notify us so we can pull your name from the rolls and back fill your spot in the group. No hard feelings.  Send an email to

What if I am unable to attend a meeting?

Find a trustworthy friend and send your check along or send it directly to the winning non-profit to ensure you receive your receipt.  The winning non-profit will be listed on the website following each meeting, and you will receive an email about the winner and how to mail them your check.

How do I know when and where the meetings will be held?

Meeting dates, times and locations will be posted on the website and reminders will be sent. You will not get snail mail from us - only email reminders. 

Tell me about the non-profits and how they are chosen.

The non-profits will all operate in Chico and serve our local community. Religious and political organizations will not be eligible. The non-profits will have a 501(c)(3) designation and submit a compelling application stating their mission in Chico and why they are seeking our donation. 

Who can nominate a non-profit?

Anyone can nominate their favorite non-profit through the website or at a meeting - just tell us the name; however, the non-profit is responsible for their application (see NON-PROFITS tab). 

What if the group I really want to get the donation doesn't win the vote?

The structure implies that sometimes you'll write a check to a group you're not terribly excited about. It's a democratic process that puts the onus on the non-profits to make a compelling presentation. Two things to keep in mind, if a group is not chosen, their name goes back into the pool and they may be chosen to present again at a later date. Also, a member may donate, in addition to the promised $100, to any additional group if inspired to do so. We encourage it!