Update from Cast Hope

“The money that the Power of 100+ Women gave to Cast Hope allowed us to connect local youth to the outdoors and give them a healthy outlet from their tough lives. We were able to take kids whitewater rafting, do a ropes course day, and take them on many fly fishing outings. The ability to take kids into the outdoors who have experienced significant trauma in the their lives gives them a safe and natural place to make connections. The sound of the water while fishing brings peace and a sense of safety to many kids. Guiding kids through a ropes course helps them to push their comfort levels so that they can grow in their ability to overcome hardships—it teaches them that they can overcome fear and still do things when it seems as though they are stuck in life. Our hope is that through these outdoor scenarios, we can positively impact lives of kids and that in the long run, this outdoor connection will ultimately give them hope!”